Jeep owners are a lot like boat owners. Happy to get out and strut their stuff. Jeep owners might as well start their own fraternity. They are a tight group. Anytime they see another one of their own on the roadway they give them a big ole wave or peace sign.

They look out for each other. If one is in trouble another will check to see if they are okay. If one is parked in a parking lot you better believe we are going to try and park next to each other.

You may have noticed that I called it a fraternity earlier. That is because it seems like the only members in Rockford are men. For some reason, the ladies here just don't care. I mean, not ALL ladies, but most of the ones I have come across.

What's up, ladies? Did you get the memo? Do you care?

It's kinda weird. It makes me look like an idiot when I am out here giving you the wave and you don't even look in my direction. The handprints on my side mirrors are there for a reason. To wave. Now wave back! Please?

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