As a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, it's only natural that I loathe the Green Bay Packers. I should also mention that I don't actually hate the players (except for Clay Matthews). But, if there were ever a way to subtract the level of loathing, this story would be a starting point. And, it's all because of their quarterback that I've been smart enough to draft in a few fantasy football leagues; Aaron Rodgers.

A mom (Julie) and her son (Peter) decided to hit up downtown Chicago to soak in the holiday spirit and check out all the wonderful Christmas decorations. While they waiting to cross Michigan Avenue, Peter spotted a guy that could pass as Aaron Rodgers' doppelganger but, the thing is, it WAS Aaron Rodgers! And, according to Julie, he was beyond nice to her and Peter (who are both Bears' fans.) Peter even apologized to Rodgers for being a Chicago Bears fan but Aaron Rodgers said it was fine because Peter is from Chicago.

According to Journal Sentinel, what seemed like a quick chat, photo, and part ways moment was anything but. The mom and son were on their way while a few people snapped pics with the Green Bay QB when Rodgers quickly caught back up with them as if they were good friends. Peter and Julie had about 15-20 minutes with the future hall-of-famer before Rodgers had to sneak away for dinner.

All-in-all it's a great story involving two things that haven't happened in Chicago in a long time, a Chicago Bears (fan) win involving Green Bay. And, because of that, I now loathe green and gold a little less. Also, I wouldn't mind buying Aaron Rodgers a beer or five.

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