One of THE worst offensive performances, ever. That is what the Chicago Bears did on Sunday, for Justin Fields debut as a starting quarterback. How in the hell does that even happen?

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I watched Sunday as social media EXPLODED with armchair quarterback explanations. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that's the beauty of social media. You can throw your thoughts out there for the world to see, even if you are wrong and blamed Justin Fields.

Chicago Bears fans are pissed, and rightly so. I sure Justin Fields is pissed, but someone in this discussion has to be a professional, thanks for doing that #1.

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The general though that is floating around the 96.7 The Eagle studio, is that head coach Matt Nagy, called a terrible game and didn't really give Fields a chance to succeed. The offensive line is bad, we have known this, and only on SIX PASS PLAYS did the line get additional help. Doing the math, carry the six, yah...nine sacks.

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Matt Nagy was painted as this offensive genius that came from the Andy Reid "tree" of awesome offense. Yah...great, that seems to work well. What an embarrassment on Sunday. Thanks for almost getting our #1 draft pick killed. But that's not why I called...we want your opinions.

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