If you are caught harassing one these albino squirrels, you could face a fine of $750.

So where can you find white squirrels in Illinois? Get ready to take a four and a half hour road trip to the small Southern Illinois town of Onley.

In fact, if you are driving the streets of Onley, Illinois, keep in mind that Onley law gives these critters have the right of way, so slow down!

Even though the squirrels look white in color they are officially known as albino grey squirrels and are very rare,

Every year, volunteers count the number of white squirrels. As of 2015, 88 white squirrels were counted. In 1941, there were 800 white squirrels. The numbers have been steadily decreasing due to simple genetics. Because of the steady decrease, the town of Onley, restricts cats and dogs from running around town. for obvious reasons.

Why are these white squirrels exclusive to Onley, IL. The city has two theories on it's website that offer some historical perspective.


Onley is looking for volunteers for individuals who would like to help with the next squirrel count in October, if interested, click here.

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