Illinois creepiest cemetery is very small and only 75 minutes away from Rockford.

Located in Geneva, the Illinois State Training School Cemetery is a cemetery that was built in 1894, and was in operation in Illinois until the 1970's. The cemetery is very small, in fact, it is located between two houses on a residential street at 764 Fox Run Drive.

What creeps me  out is who is buried here? It's not 'students' as the name implies, but a cruel prison. According to AtlasObscura, The Illinois State Training school was:

 a cruel prison, with locked doors and bared windows.  Girls describe being sent to the “hole” and of being beaten for minor offenses. Some reports state that Chicago journalists at the time accused the institution of using handcuffs and whips.

It was essentially a girl's school cemetery. The landmark marker at the entrance looks like this.

The Creepiest Cemetery in Illinois is only 75 minutes Away from Rockford
AldarondoProductions Via YouTube

Having a child out of wedlock was enough to get you sent to this institution and its reported that many of the children were never returned to the mothers. Just plain creepy. How times have changed.

The institution no longer exists, but the cemetery does.

Take a tour of this small cemetery:

If you decide to visit the cemetery, click HERE for information

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