On Monday, the weather affected the White Sox crowd so bad, they wouldn't have been able to fill Marinelli Field in Rockford.

It was all over Social Media on Monday afternoon. White Sox fans were making fun of the Cubs because of the crosstown rival canceling their home opener due to weather. While the Southsiders still played their game.

When I did a little investigating, do the White Sox faithful really have something to brag about?

According to larrybrownsports.com,

"Bad weather and a poor start from the Chicago White Sox conspired for dreadfully low attendance at Guaranteed Rate Field on Monday, and it’s safe to say the attendance might have been in the hundreds, not the thousands."

Here is a post from Twitter that will give you an idea of how it was.

I don't think they had enough fans in the stadium to fill Marinelli Field in Rockford.

Maybe the fans should hold off on the trash talking.

So, what's worse? Canceling your game because of weather or still playing and not having any fans there?


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