Let's be honest. We all have lied at some point in our lies.

It's true. I know I have. Gasp! I know, sorry. I'm not perfect.

Take a look at this list of the little white lies that we are guilty of saying.

This Buzz Feed list made me laugh at how stupid it is that I've said any of these instead of the truth.

See how many you have been innocently guilty of saying. Little White Lies we are all Guilty of.

I've used several of these. Including numbers 2, 7 and 11. Ok, let me come clean. Yes even number 1. I have said that about pizza. Actually, I've used that about brownies too. I'm only having one. Then 4 brownies later, I blew that resolution. Haha!

What else should be added to that list? What excuses have you heard others give you or you have used when not wanting to do something?