If you've noticed an odor hanging over Rockford lately, you're not alone.

So what's that smell?


A Reddit User named, 90sRnBMakeMeHappy, posed a question to the forum about the nasty sulfur smell lingering around the East State and Mulford area.

Have you noticed that smell?

I can say that I have. It was in a weird place I normally don't smell that sulfur like, almost rotten lunch meat smell and it was at the Mulford and Sandy Hollow Road area. I thought it odd, because I typically notice that smell near the dump on 251, not there. It was really weird.

Now I read this and see it's lingering in other places too in rockford.

So what could it be?

Reddit User vrotographer said:


Nix413 said:





Does anyone know the real reason for that awful stench that almost makes you want to vomit when it hits your nostrils? It's just nasty.