If Rockford had this ice cream, maybe we wouldn't mind the winter potholes as much?

The Forest City needs this.

Don't ya think?



Although this ice cream is is only available out east from Friendly's ice cream, I really think Rockford needs it. Or, wouldn't it be great if one of our delicious ice cream shops to come up with something like it? I do.

According to Friendly's and BoingBoing.net, pot holes in our north eastern states taste like "chocolate ice cream with 'black tar' fudge creme, cookie 'gravel' and chocolate 'asphalt' chips."

Mmm... sounds pretty good to me.

However, I'm thinking if Rockford's potholes had a flavor they might need something salty thrown in it too, say pieces of salted pretzels. those would be the salt we spread all over the roads and most definitely are what help to breakdown our paved roads too.

What do you think Rockford's potholes would taste like if they were ice cream?



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