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A new ad campaign is in the works, to lure people to Rockford...FOREVER. WIFR

O.K., so besides a killer Classic Rock radio station, what else does Rockford offer people from out of town, to move here? Educational opportunities, affordable housing costs, a thriving downtown district...ohhh and did I mention a highly rated, nationally recognized Classic Rock radio station?

Mayor Tom McNamara has teamed up with RACVB, for this campaign. So once this ad campaign is off and running, I have no doubt that things will do well. Hey RAVCB, do you think you could mention 96.7 The Eagle? Thanks!

 “I think that kind of budget is definitely a useful budget and appropriate to do a nationwide campaign, if you’re looking to have people live in Rockford or possibly relocate here I think you got to start online it’s where people are." - President and Owner of KMK Media Group Pam Maher said.

So this deserves a poll question, Rockford natives...What would it take according to you, to get people to move to Rockford permanently? I listed a few reasonable options, I don't think I went too far left or right...and it focuses on a few great "positives" of our Rockford community.

The city has great leadership, great food, plenty of things to do, and we are the home city of a band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame....not a bad little deal.

While some local media can become fixated on negatives, and "dig deeper" to spin things....Rockford IS a great place to live, work and raise a family.

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