If one of these beautiful creatures runs in front of your vehicle you do not want to panic. Certainly, you should not swerve. Swerving could cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle or, even worse, cause a head-on collision with an on-coming car. Swerving is so dangerous.

What should you if a deer darts out in front of you?

The safest bet is to use your breaks and hope for the best. A collision with another vehicle or the possibility of a roll-over puts passengers at greater risk than actually hitting a deer (in most cases). Illinois State Police would agree.

Striking the deer can damage the automobile, but the occupants routinely remain uninjured.

The ISP also recommend being vigilant during dawn and dusk hours in the fall, although some areas around Rockford have deer all year round.

Do You Know What To Do AFTER You Hit  A Deer In Illinois?

According to University of Illinois, here are three important things to remember if you ever hit a deer.

- Pull the vehicle off onto the shoulder of the road and turn on the emergency flashers.

- Attend to any injured passengers. Do not get out of the - vehicle to check on an injured deer or to pull a dead deer from the road. Do not risk being hit by another motorist.

- Call 911 to report the accident.

U of I has much more details on their website.

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