Not sure how or why a McDonald's is abandoned and just left behind, but it happened.

I've seen closed and boarded-up fast-food restaurants before, but I have yet to see a McDonald's shut down.

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Obviously, I have questions, like "did this McDonald's just pack up and find a new spot, or was business bad?"

That's because everyone goes to McDonald's. At some point or another in your life, you've had McDonald's.


YouTuber GRM Adventures said, "today we stumbled upon an abandoned McDonald's in rough condition."

They weren't lying. Busted out windows and trash everywhere outside this sad former home of the Golden Arches.

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While GRM Adventures don't get inside the restaurant, they do manage to get some pretty interesting video of the inside.

There is one part where they find a broken portion of a drive-thru window giving us the best glimpse inside the place and it looks like McDonald's left behind some of their bigger cooking items.

GRM Adventures via YouTube
GRM Adventures via YouTube

Not sure why or how that happened but in true abandoned fashion this McDonald's appears to have been up and running one day but completely gone the next.

Having never abandoned property before I always find myself asking, why would someone or in this case someone franchising a restaurant leave stuff behind.

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