Wonder how much your Chicago Blackhawks are worth? Forbes just released their list of the most valuable teams in the NHL and you would be surprised when the Blackhawks rank.


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According to CSNChicago.com,The Chicago Blackhawks are on the rise when it comes to Forbes list of the most valuable teams in the NHL.

Just one year ago, the Blackhawks finished fifth in the league with a total value of only $625 million.

The latest numbers released today by Forbes states the value of the Blackhawks jumped up to $825 millions dollars bumping the Blackhawks to forth on the list just behind the Toronto Maple Leafs ($1.3 billion), New York Rangers ($1.1 billion) and Montreal Canadians ($1 billion). The Leafs are leading the way for the ninth consecutive year and were the first team to crack the billion-dollar mark back in 2012.

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Proves my point that if you are winning, fans will support and shell out the green. Everything revolves around success.

If tickets prices go up, the value and quality of the play must go up as well. So far so good for the Blackhawks and Ice Hog fans.