Mary Kay Wilson via Facebook[/caption] 

Tacky! Tacky Tacky! Has the State of Illinois really come to this with it's budget problems?

Check out this photo of the Belvidere DMV taken by a local resident. It shows newspaper covering the windows of the DMV facility at 425 Southtowne Dr. The DMV moved into this location after moving  from it's former Pearl Street location.

Local resident, Mary Kay Wilson posted the picture to State Senator Dave Syverson's Facebook page and wrote:

Maybe the state can take some of that $67,000 pay from those 2 representatives in Illinois that were caught playing video games and use it to put some blinds or some kind of window treatments on the Secretary of State office here in Belvidere Illinois. That newspaper has been on the glass for long enough now. It looks terrible to residents in the community not to mention how tacky that looks for people visiting in the community.

From the looks of the photo, it would appear that old newspaper is clearly posted in a window of the facility instead of using window treatments. The newspapers appear in a window that shows the address of the Belvidere DMV. You'll see the numbers "425" in one of the windows. 425 Southtown Drive is also the official location of the the Illinois Secretary of State's Belvidere DMV Faciltiy, according to it's website.

However, according to residents in the area, the portion of the building with the newspapers in the window are owned by the former grocery store that used to occupy the space. Still, it looks tacky.

So, the debate rages on, is this a DMV problem or the owner of the building's problem?






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