Too Funny! Here is the scenario, ask four city slickers, who are totally ignorant of country music, what they think of country’s biggest stars for the very first time.Buzzfeed did just that!

Being a country music fan for the last 30 years of my life, I have never understood why some people don't listen to country music. But the reality is that (SHOCKER) there are people living here on earth who have never heard of Luke, Miranda, Rascal Flatts, Blake, or Zac.

Our friends at Buzzfeed decided to show these "non-country" fans a few pictures and ask couple questions. The answers were funny and scary. Take a look below.

Luke Bryan / Marianna Massey (Getty Images)
Luke Bryan / Marianna Massey (Getty Images)

BUZZFEED: This guy is one of the most successful musicians of the past couple years. He outsells Beyoncé.

Daniel: Shut up, no he doesn’t. He announces little league games.
Joanna: Why isn’t Kanye coming after him?

What’s his name?

Joanna: Billy Baseball Cap.
Daniel: Doug Something.
Loryn: Jimmy. No last name, like Cher.

BUZZFEED: His name is Luke Bryan.

Loryn: I’ve literally never heard of him.
Joanna: Me either

Rascal Flatts: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Rascal Flatts: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

BUZZFEED: Who are these guys?

Loryn: Are those rejected bachelors from The Bachelor?
Daniel: They’re the Russian version of Joey, Chandler and Ross.
Alana: Trip, Trent, and Trigger.
Joanna: They’re the cover band for whatever Uncle Jesse’s band was on Full House.
Alana: Vampire Threekend.
Daniel: These have to be Rascal Flatts, right?

BUZZFEED: You are correct!

Daniel: I knew because those guys are old but try to look normal.
Joanna: They do look like mail order husbands.
Loryn: They look like they could all host a game show on Nickelodeon in the ’90s.

Zac Brown Band: Rick Diamond/Getty Images
Zac Brown Band: Rick Diamond/Getty Images


BUZZFEED: Who is this fella?

Daniel: That’s my roommate.
Joanna: Is that Travis “Travvy” Travston?
Alana: The southern version of Bon Iver.
Loryn: Jim Galifianakis.

BUZZFEED: Here’s a hint: He’s friends with Dave Grohl.

Joanna: He’s Dave Grohl’s roommate.
Daniel: Everyone is friends with Dave Grohl. I am in, like, four documentaries about Dave Grohl.

BUZZFEED: He’s Zac Brown from the Zac Brown Band. Do you have any guess to what he’s famous for aside from country music?

Joanna: His Etsy shop where he makes and sells crochet beanies like the one in this photo.
Alana: He makes his own whiskey that got famous after it was on a show.

BUZZFEED: He’s actually famous for cooking barbecue.

Alana: No such thing. Famous for barbecue, ludicrous!

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert / Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert / Christopher Polk/Getty Images


BUZZFEED: This couple is like the Beyoncé and Jay Z of country. Who are they?

Alana: Aaron James Kenny and Lila McGivern.
Joanna: Carl and Linda, from down the street.
Loryn: This is I know, Miranda Lambert and…….I forget the guy.
Daniel: The guy is on The Voice. I think his name is Toby Taylor.

BUZZFEED: That’s Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

Our braintrust was also asked to identify

  • Jason Aldean
  • Dierks Bentley
  • Little Big Town
  • Hank Williams Jr

The results were hilarious. Check out the full article HERE

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