When toll roads stop taking cash, then what happens?

I've had I-PASS for years. It's cheaper and easier.

I'm surprised to see people still going through the manual pay lanes. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, I was getting off at an exit with a toll and I got stuck behind someone looking for change. It was really annoying.

Nowadays, many states are connected, so you can use the same transponder when traveling.

Many toll authorities are pushing for completely electronic systems. I can see that happening in the near future.

What happens to drivers that don't have I-PASS?

"Eventually, we'll be able to drive on toll roads without getting the vapors over whether we have exact change. However, it will also mean that people who don't have an electronic tag will still get stuck and probably ticketed, on toll roads for their lack of foresight and preparation, or ability to afford the pass."

Sounds like if you don't have one for whatever reason, you might want to at least think about it.

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