Last Wednesday marked the 103rd birthday of the Girl Scouts organization, so let's indulge in some cookie eating to celebrate. I'm not talking about any kind of cookie, but Girl Scout Cookies! did some digging into what cookie you choose says about the kind of person you are, here goes....

Tagalongs: Let's begin by indulging in my favorite peanut butter delight People who choose this cookie tend to have a lovable interior. You are good at seeing past external appearances in both other people and in everyday life. You pride yourself on your creativity and being engaged in artistic endeavors, however, unlike peanut butter, you are careful not to overspread yourself in your activities.

2. Thin Mints: My second favorite. I Love the cool taste that they leave in my mouth. And yes They are America's #1 favorite cookie. If you indulge in Thin Mints you have a charismatic personality that people are naturally drawn to. Everyone around you marvels at your ability to stay calm, cool and collected even at the most hectic of times.

Samoas: My least favorite, because I do not like coconut, but that's just me Those who eat Samoas like to try new things. They tend to take risks and be adventurous and are never afraid to speak their minds.

Trefoils: Poor kid is stuck with a Trefoil. Just kidding! You know Taylor Swift must have been eating this cookie when she wrote the line “we never go out of style,” because Trefoils are actuallya very classy and traditional cookie that shows your taste for the simpler things in life. Those who indulge in Trefoils tend not to have and outgoing exterior, but you are loyal to those around you and provide a drama-free environment and your friends and family adore your level-headed, positive personality.

5. Do-si- dos: I love these cookies!. says that these cookies are commonly seen as the less interesting version of Tagalongs. I disagree! They go on to say that they have a yummy peanut butter center, but they are seriously lacking in the exciting and equally yummy chocolate department. If you like Do-si-dos, you are not afraid to go against the crowd and proudly be your own person.

Which cookie are you? Check out the full list of girl scout cookies and what they mean here.

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