March 29th, is a night that Scott Foster, the Illinois accountant turned Emergency Goalie, will remember forever.

So, what did the Chicago Blackhawks pay him for saving the game?


What! No way! I can't believe that of my favorite team. This just can't be.

Not kidding. Scott Foster didn't get one dime from the team.

Whoa! This just seems wrong.

How is this possible? I mean why not?

According to NBC Chicagobecause Foster had never played in a professional hockey game prior to [that] Thursday night, the Blackhawks didn’t have to pay him for the game." Really. This is part of the "Collective Bargaining Agreement" which is part of the "Amateur Try-Out Agreement" Scott signed.

Scott got nothing for playing and making those seven saves in those last 14 minutes or period 3. NOTHING??

If he had played professional hockey prior to this, then he would have received "$500 for his services in the game, and he would have been allowed to keep his jersey, according to Exhibit 17-A of the league’s CBA."

Wow! I'm in shock. I had no idea.

Come on, Hawks you couldn't even spring for a jersey for him?

Seriously, I hope the team does something for Scott, it's only fair despite the agreement he signed.

In case you missed this, here's a quick recap of what he did last Thursday night.






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