The extension of Illinois' stay-at-home order through the end of May is a real bummer, but I truly believe it has been done, and is necessary, to save lives. Yes, it's inconvenient as hell, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

That being said, many Illinois residents also believe this stay-at-home extension violates our civil rights, and one Illinois Judge ruled in favor of that on Monday.


According to an article on;

Under the ruling, cities could disregard the stay-at-home order and re-open on their own accord.

Hmm. Still confused? Yeah, me too.

Governor Pritzker acknowledged the new ruling in Monday afternoon's press briefing and said the Illinois Attorney General is working to overturn this ruling, because it is a "matter of life and death".

Honestly, I feel like Governor Pritzker will win this fight, and even if he doesn't, I do not believe Mayor McNamara will open Rockford until he feels our residents our safe...a.k.a., not anytime soon.

Stay strong, Rockford. We WILL get through this together.

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