If you think destiny is why you fell in love, think again.

Studies have found twenty weird reasons why we fall in love that have nothing to do with destiny.

The reasons, according to this Business Insider article, is because it's a psychological response. In fact there are twenty reasons as to why it happens.

For instance, we've all heard the saying that "opposites attract". Well, that isn't entirely true. We're more likely to fall in love with someone who is very similar to us. Reasoning for this is because we understand things the same way.

It found we are more prone to fall in love the opposite sex that looks similar to our parent. Girls fall in love with those that look like our Dad's and guys with girls that look like Mom. Really?

Another reason is if the person smells right we will fall in love with them. Really?

The article said that eye contact is a big reason too. If we stare into the others eyes for two minutes we are more likely to fall in love with the other. Hmmm, that seems kind of creepy to do when first meeting someone.

lastly, if your date warms you up with a hot beverage you're more likely to fall in love with them. Psychologically, we link that to the person being warm and open. I guess that means, meeting for coffee is a good thing when first getting together.

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With this being the Valentine's season, if you're looking for love you may want to try a few of these techniques. You never know when cupid's arrow may strike.