I don't want to say that we're getting a tad too paranoid in Rockford but...someone called the police about two boxes chained to a tree outside of Veterans Memorial Hall on Tuesday night and what was found inside them was anything but scary.

According to the Rockford Register Star;

A report of suspicious unmarked boxes chained to a tree outside Veterans Memorial Hall and Museum activated the Rockford police bomb squad around 10 p.m. Tuesday

Here comes the part that literally made me laugh out loud. When the bomb squad removed the packages, and used extreme caution to open them, they found monitors that detect vibrations. Seriously.

The RRStar says the two monitors were placed by the company that is in charge of demolishing the old Rockford Public Library building across the street.

The director of Veterans Memorial Hall, Scott Lewandowski, told the Rockford Register Star that "the demolition company had assessed cracks in Memorial Hall and would monitor any vibrations that might widen them", hence the reason for the two mysterious boxes.

Lewandowski also told the RRStar;

“None of the boxes were marked — nothing to indicate their purpose,” he said, adding that he didn’t notify police about the boxes before their presence was reported to police. “I didn’t think it would be an issue.”

Since Tuesday the Rockford Police Bomb Squad has approved the two boxes, and both of the soon-to-be-well-marked boxes will be placed again in another, less visible spot outside of Veterans Memorial Hall.

The moral of this story is, if you see two boxes chained to anything outside of Veterans Memorial Hall, leave them be. They are safe and there to protect the 119 year old building. They are not bombs. I repeat, they are not bombs!

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