We watched the Garth Brooks press conference on Thursday and Lil Zim and I were touched that Garth was going to tell a fan his tour details before the rest of the world. We found him. Here he is...

Andy Roberts of Georgia is the president of a commercial janitorial service in Georgia.

According to USA Today, Roberts, 31, is the fan Brooks mentioned during the Thursday news conference in which he announced plans for a new album and world tour. Garth said Roberts asked him where he'd start the tour during one of his last shows of his residency at the Wynn Las Vegas. Because Brooks didn't know then, he promised Andy would find out right after he did.

"On July 14, I'm going to call Andy," Brooks told reporters Thursday in Nashville. "What Andy chooses to do with that information is up to him."

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Roberts, who runs TurnKey Facility Maintenance in Gainesville, Ga., near Atlanta, was shocked to hear Brooks mention him. He was watching the press conference and was totally blown away. Can you imagine?

Andy Roberts just signed on to TWITTER and probably will tell the world that way. Sign up to Q98.5 on Twitter today and we'll share the news too!

Garth is still one of the coolest artists on the planet to include the fans, as far as we're concerned.