Well, the heat is officially on in Rockford. Literally. Heat indexes will be near 100 degrees the next few days in the Stateline, and with no public pools open, what can we do to beat the heat?

Here's the situation in my home; we've been entertaining ourselves at home for months. My kids were really looking forward to getting a season pass to Alpine Pool this summer, and that of course can't happen. The blow up pool and unicorn sprinkler in our backyard are definitely losing their luster, and my kids don't like being in the heat if there's no body of water to play in. So...what's a parent to do?

Thankfully Illinois has finally entered Phase 4 of our reopening plan, and along with that many facilities in Rockford have reopened for family fun. Sure, there's bowling and arcades to take our kids too, but it's summer...we should be having fun outdoors during the summer, right?

When it comes to reopened outdoor fun in Rockford, here's a few of the things you can now enjoy:

  • Playgrounds
  • Splash Pads
  • Golf with restrictions on carts, group and playdays lifted
  • River tubing

I know only two of the things I just mentioned actually involve ways to beat the heat, so if you're taking the kids to the playground, planning a golf day, or plan on being outdoors this week, please remember these tips shared by the US National Weather Service Chicago:

One last thing, the 4th of July is on track to be an absolute scorcher in Rockford, so you better buy a pool, sprinkler, fun hose of something to keep you cool at your outdoor parties this weekend.

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