I am beyond over the mosquitoes this year, and I know I am not alone in this. I hate wearing bug repellent as it is, and the fact that we can't step outdoors right now without  being slathered in it is infuriating.

Last night I was sitting next to my 2-year-old daughter Harper on the couch and when I looked over I saw this...

Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media
Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media

She did not have those bites 15 min prior, and now she has a matching set of four on the other cheek. No matter how hard we try to get in and out of the house without letting all these dirty, blood-sucking bastards in, they are feasting on my family at all hours, and I AM OVER IT.

Off to Google I went to find some natural ways to declare war on mosquitoes in our home, and I found this article from The Tick and Mosquito Project.

The article suggests checking all screens and doors for ways mosquitoes are getting in, but they also say ultrasonic pest repellers are effective for mosquitoes as well.

Here's a few things I will be trying as soon as I get home today:

  • Loading up on peppermint and tea-tree oil. Spraying peppermint oil around your home keeps mosquitoes at bay and your home smelling like Christmas in September. The article says a few drops of tea-tree oil in some water makes one of the most effective natural solutions you can rub on your skin to keep mosquitoes off.
  • Making all things with garlic. If you (or the people that have to be around you) can stand it, the pungent aroma of garlic is an extremely good way to ward of mosquitoes according to The Tick and Mosquito Project. They say you can also "crush a few garlic cloves and boil them in water for some time. Pour the water in a spray bottle and spray it around the room to prevent any mosquitoes from coming near you". Well, at least now we will be safe from mosquitoes, vampires, and all people with sensitive noses.
  • Keep your coffee grounds. This one seems the easiest, plus it kills the little blood suckers from the start. According to the article; "Wherever you find stagnant water in or around your house, sprinkle some coffee grounds in it. This will force the mosquito eggs present in the water to float to the surface, and they will be deprived of oxygen, which means that they will be killed before being hatched." YES!!!!

Do you have any effective and natural ways to prevent getting eaten alive in your house? Please share them!

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