Next time you go out to eat and slap down your credit or debit card to pay for your meal, watch out for tip gouging when it comes to writing in the tip.





WOW! I had no idea some servers were rounding out tips and making them more.

I just found out last night form my friend this did happen to her and husband. They wrote the tip in for $5.20 (it was the 20% of their bill) and when she recieve her bank statement she saw that their server had rounded out the tip to be a full $6.00.

Now I know ti's only $.80 but it's the principle of the matter is that this server committed fraud by writing in their desired tip.

She warned me to always keep the customer copy of the bill when paying with a card. Some say to take a picture of your bill too.

Typically I pay in cash, I'm never comfortable in restaurants where they whisk away with your card to ring it up and bring it back, especially if it's a restaurant I'm unfamiliar with. Which was the case with my friend and her husband.

Wow! My old high school Consumers Ed teacher's voice is ringing in my head "Caveat Emptor ~ Let the buyer beware!"