Earlier this week we learned that Iowans are terrible at social distancing, while Illinoisans are pretty good at keeping their social distance.  For people who don't think that social distancing matters or really does anything, a recent video from the show 'Mythbusters' has surfaced from their contamination experiment. If this doesn't convince you that social distancing is important, then I don't know what will.

In the video, Mythbusters host Adam is the person spreading the germs and contaminating the room with a mechanically runny nose. The fake snot has a chemical in it so when you shine an ultra violet light, it will reveal where Adam has spread his germs.

Adam host a dinner party with 6 other people. 3 of them, who were part of the regular cast have the objective to try and avoid Adam as much as possible so they don't get infected. The other 3 party attendees have no idea what is going on.

Adam's nose drips at what they say is a normal human runny nose. Adam shakes hands, passes out cake, gives toast, plays games, pats people on the back and more. Nothing out of the ordinary of a typical person at a party. At the end, the Mythbusters shine a UV light to show just how much Adam has contaminated the room and his guests.

What does the video prove during the coronavirus pandemic? Stay the hell away from each other and practice social distancing. Germs spread. You're seeing it in real life with the coronavirus. Stop thinking this isn't a big deal or that you are immune to it. None of us are immune.

If you want to tell people you are practicing social distancing, buy a "Get B100 Feet Away From Me" t-shirt to support the River Bend Foodbank and tell people to stay away.

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