Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to invite you to come see their new arrivals. Introducing the warm weathered penguins.

The newly added zoo exhibit and habitat for these warm weather penguins, known as African Penguins have arrived and will be open to the public on October 6th.


This new habitat for the birds was made not only for education purposes but also to help in preserving the species.

The zoo's plan is to grow the population of their 12 African Penguins to 30 so that they can "share them with other zoos and aquariums."

These penguins are found on the southern tip of Africa and are on the endangered species list according to ABC7. The fear is that if there aren't more programs like Lincoln Park Zoo's the African Penguin will be extinct in 15 years.

Wow! That's a scary thought. Here I am just learning that there are warm weathered penguins and their population is on the brink off dying out. I never knew penguins lived in warmer climates. Did you?

When visiting Lincoln Park Zoo the penguins can be found in their new home at the Robert and Mayari Pritzer Penguin Cove.

For more information about Lincoln Park Zoo, visit their website at


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