The COVID restriction has been lifted on Brookfield Zoo's Motor Safari. If you're not familiar with what the Motor Safari is, it's time to get acquainted.

I, personally have a pretty horrible memory when it comes to remembering life events. I think I really only have about a dozen solid memories from the ages of 3-10. I remember throwing up in kindergarten after our teacher made us eat raw pumpkin seeds with all the guts still on it. I won't say her name because I'm pretty sure that might be child abuse but hey, it was the 80s.

My parents (because it was the 80s) sent me at 5-years-old on an airplane by myself from Chicago to LA to visit my aunt one summer for a week because my sister was just born and I think they wanted me out of their hair. The only real memory of that trip is when I told my aunt that women can't drink beer, only wine. She corrected me on that.

First grade is pretty much a blur.

One time in second grade, Mrs. Wilburn said "crap" when she got a paper cut. It was HILARIOUS. She lost control of the class that day. I think that's the only memory I have of that era.

Then there's the one third grade memory that I have that's one of the best. A field trip to Brookfield Zoo where we all got to ride the Motor Safari.

It's essentially a 200 foot train of golf carts that takes you around the zoo while a guide explains why the tigers aren't out that day.

Here's a first person POV of the ride.

It is easily my most concrete memory of the single digit years.

So with the Motor Safari back, maybe you can give your kids one good concrete memory they can hold onto into their 40s. Or maybe the Motor Safari is super boring to today's kids. The equivalent of playing with a hoop and a stick when I was a kid.

Even if your kids don't appreciate the Motor Safari, you can blow their minds with the Mold-O-Ramas.

Seriously, these things were mind-blowing when you were a kid. According to this video they are 3 bucks now. I'm pretty sure they were at most $1.50 when I was a kid. 100% inflation isn't horrible for 3 decades.

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