Earlier this week I made a promise to myself- to avoid writing about school shootings and gun control; when you report on it daily for your job, it can really take a toll on your soul.

Instead, this week I wrote about the most perfect cow on earth, emojis and drinking wine. 

It was while I was drinking that glass of wine that I came across this story about Walmart; and while it's related to the issues I'd been trying to avoid all week, it was a feel-good story that was too good not to share.

According to CNN, the biggest gun seller in the US, has raised the age to legally buy guns and ammunition in their stores to 21.

In a statement, Walmart says, "Going forward, we are raising the age restriction for purchase of firearms and ammunition to 21 years of age. We will update our processes as quickly as possible to implement this change."

The Rockton store is the only store in the Rockford area that sells firearms and ammunition; I'm trying to reach them for comment.

Additionally, Walmart will also be removing any items from their website that resemble assault weapons, including air soft guns and toys.

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