Like many of you, I tuned into NBC on Sunday night to watch the Walking Dead. Sure, you might think the show was on AMC, but while watching the clobbering of the Bears by the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, you might have thought you were watching the Walking Dead. I certainly did

Two weeks ago at New England, the Bears found themselves behind the Patriots 38-7 at the half. In their first game after a bye, the Bears fell behind the Packers at the half 42-0 at Lambeau Field.

Final Score: Packers 55 - Bears 14

The loss will drop the Bears to 3-6, thus making it nearly impossible for the Bears to make it to the postseason. If the losses continue, I would imagine many key players to continue with the team.

So with that in mind, I though that since many of key Bears looking for new work after this season, the Walking Dead TV show might be the next move.

I thought I'd give you a preview of what some future Former Bears might look like in their starring roles in the 2015 Season of the Walking Dead.

Lets play a game: Look at each picture and identify the starting Bears player. Each player has been "Zombified". Can you name all six?