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I had the chance to sit down with the man who's responsible for one of the current viral dances, and who has a huge song on the charts, Walker Hayes. Talk about a great guy — I love getting to catch up with him. He is very humble and always open to talk about any and everything that's going on with his life.

I had so many questions about him and his song "Fancy Like," I didn't know where to begin. Questions that me and my wife were wondering since we started seeing the Applebee's commercial that uses the song ... I was dying to know if Applebee's came to him, or he brought them the song? He told me that he originally brought them the song, but it wasn't quite the viral smash yet, so they didn't do anything with it. Then, two weeks later, Applebee's called him and they were all in and all about using it for their commercial.

My next burning question was, does this man have to ever pay for a meal for he and his family at an Applebee's ever again? He giggled when I asked him if he had some sort of Applebee's gold card or something. He replied with the holy grail of answers. I can't wait for you to hear what Applebee's has given Walker Hayes, you will for sure be just as jealous as I am.

One thing that I thought was interesting is how Walker was telling me that he gets texts from Applebee's servers all the time saying that they can't make the Oreo shakes fast enough. I love that no matter how successful a song might get, country artists always stay grounded.

We also talked about how open he is with mental health, and how his mental health is after the success that kind of came out of nowhere and really fast with his song "Fancy Like".

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