Walker Hayes is a man of his word, and he made good on a bet he made on the College Football Playoff National Championship game. The wager? To remix one of his songs to include Georgia references, instead of Alabama.

As a diehard fan of the Crimson Tide, this was no small feat.

After a 33-18 win for the Georgia Bulldogs on Monday, Jan. 10, Hayes changed one line in the chorus of his song "AA." Instead of, "In Alabama where they love Nick Saban" the new, limited edition version says, "In Athens, Georgia where they love Kirby Smart."

If those words didn't taste like vinegar in his mouth, his recap at the end certainly did.

"Wow, UGA, what a school. It's a lot of talent coming through there. Kirby Smart what a coach," Hayes says with forced enthusiasm.

He briefly mentions ESPN broadcaster David Pollack, whom he made the bet with. The "Fancy Like" singer hails him as the "greatest commentator of all time."

Finally he urges out a half-hearted "Go Dawgs" and closes out the video with a mocking "ruff." You can hear giggles from the person operating the camera — most likely his wife, Laney.

Hayes is not shy about his love for Alabama football. He and his family have attended — and posted about — numerous games in the past. Most recently, he shared a video with two of his kids dancing in the stands to "AA" with its original lyrics.

On the agenda for Hayes this month is releasing his new album Country Stuff the Album on Jan. 21 and launching the Fancy Like Tour on Jan. 27.

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