This holiday season you must take a trip to visit the Deer House in Bull Valley right outside of Woodstock, IL.

If you love looking at Christmas lights then you need to a drive down Bull Valley Road to see over 100 lighted deer displayed around the Eriksen home and the wooded property the surrounds both sides of the road surrounding the home.

The Woodstock Independent reports that "around Christmas time, the Eriksens' lighted deer showcase is a popular destination for area residents. The Eriksen exhibit includes 100 deer illuminated by bright white lights and set among the woods on both sides of Bull Valley Road on the family's 26.5 acres. Some deer are strung from the trees and appear to be leaping across the road. Others are arranged in groups or are “grazing” in the field near the Eriksens' house. Further from the home, several reindeer pull Santa's sleigh"

"Preparation for holiday showcase begins in October when all the deer, stored in the barn, are brought down, lined up and all lights are checked and repaired, if needed. Miguel Juarez, who works for the Eriksens, begins hanging and positioning the deer in November, with the help of his family members. Every Thanksgiving evening, the Eriksens hold a grand lighting ceremony"

"The entire display functions on 12 timers and more than 3,000 feet of extension chords, some buried underground, making it easier to set up the deer exhibit year after year. For those wondering, the Eriksens' electrical bill increases by about $1,300 every December. The couple stopped adding pieces to the overall display when they hit 100 deer."

Funny, just two and a 1/2 months ago I was driving down that road to take my niece to meet friends for her homecoming and had no clue that the Eriksen home was mostly likely in the process of setting up their lighted deer-scape.

Wow! How neat. I want to see this don't you?

If you do, we have from now until January 2nd to do so. "The deer are illuminated from 5 to 9 p.m. every night. The Eriksen farm is located at 8907 Bull Valley Road, just west of Valley Hill Road."