If you love trains or have kids who love trains' then you need to make a stop and visit Rochelle's Diamond Crossing in the country's first ever train park.

According to their website Rochelle Road Park, this park is the nations first ever train park that built  for visitors to observe operating trains that run through and crisscross at the diamond in Rochelle.

The diamond, as stated in this WREX news article, is where the "two major railroads cross, the Union Pacific and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. You'll only find a few places in the US where this happens."

You can come and stay for as long as you want and sit to watch the trains. There's even a picnic area and a viewing area platform under a gazebo.

The city's hope is that word will spread about their train park to draw more visitors in and then they'll discover all the other great amenities and opportunities that Rochelle ha to offer.

If you looking for something interesting to do with the kids or visiting relatives make a quick trip to Rochelle and enjoy the trains.


Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia