If you missed the incredible news, The Toronto Raptors made it official Tuesday when Fred VanVleet signed his new contract. Not just any contract though, a history making, four year deal worth $85 million. No big deal.

Fred is just so fly. And also so deserving. During a Zoom conference Fred told reporters -

I’m really happy and blessed to be in this position.

This is just another step in the journey for me. It’s really just the beginning of the next chapter. This is kind of, for me at least, closing a chapter on what has transpired up until this point, and now I feel like I’m on a level playing field and I’ve made it. I’ve got both feet inside the door.

Even though Fred's making a whole lot of money, that doesn't mean he's any less dedicated to "betting on himself". I think that's why Fred is so talented and is so loved by fans. It's like when he won the NBA finals, and in the midst of all that excitement and energy, he remembered his hometown and looked right in the camera and gave a shout out 815 residents will ever forget.

That was such a perfect example of the kind of guy Fred is. Even if he's winning NBA titles and hanging out with Drake, he always remembers where he's from and consistently has the back of his hometown. He recently hosted a local turkey drive to help families this holiday season.

The Toronto Raptors shared a video of Fred's story and its incredible. Check it out -

Fred, congrats on all of the success!

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