You know, not all dogs can swim. This poor pooch is walking along the beach and fell in and had to be rescued. Thank goodness a Chicago police officer was nearby.

I bet this Chicago cop is an animal lover and this dog is very happy he had fast reflexes. An ABC 7 Chopper camera recorded an incredible rescue as the dog, who appears to be thirsty, was sipping some water and fell into Lake Michigan near Grand Ave. Fortunately a Chicago police officer got there just in time to make an instant rescue.

So where did the dog come from? According to ABC 7, police were investigating a multi-vehicle accident early Tuesday, when the dog ran out of one of the vehicles involved. The dog ran toward Lake Michigan. Good thing a this Chicago Police officer was in the right place at the right time.

The dog is safe and police are looking for its owner. This is one lucky dog. This cop is the hero of the day.

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