This is why we can't have nice things. A new video share reveals that vandals are being allowed to deface and in some cases destroy many of Illinois' historic covered bridges.

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A YouTuber who frequently visits historic places just dropped this new video of a covered bridge in Illinois. This is the Thompson Mill Covered Bridge that connected Springfield to Effingham, Illinois many decades ago. Here's the sad backstory he shared of what he found:

This bridge was part of a trail that connected Springfield (Illinois) to Effingham. It is over the Kaskaskia River. Bridge was constructed in 1868. It got its name from the Thompson Mill, which was in operation from 1843 to 1914. A historical marker by the Illinois State Historical Society was placed above head level in 1972. In 1975, this was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of only five remaining from 19th century covered bridges in Illinois. Though this is only two miles from the nearest town (Cowden, Illinois), there are many roads that take you to this bridge from there. Signs point directly which road to take to get to the bridge. It is for pedestrian use only. Please be warned that people have spray painted vulgar/offensive words on the bridge and rails.

It's worse than just graffiti. He noted that recently someone started a fire on the bridge. Incredibly bad.

Here's another near Greenup, Illinois. This is the Cumberland County Covered Bridge. It's not been defaced as bad, but still has evidence of vandals.

Perhaps there is no solution to this problem as having someone police the areas more frequently costs money that the state just doesn't have? It's not enough to threaten fines and jail time for the pathetic humans who are doing this. It just seems like something should be done to protect this historic part of Illinois.

Where's Batman or Superman when you need him?

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