You're going to have to walk it all on your own soon. United Airlines has decided to remove all eight of its moving walkways at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.


According to WIFR TV-23 United spokesman Luke Punzenberger states that the walkways "inhibit passenger flow." The walkways are in the airport's Terminal 1, Concourse C. Punzenberger says removing them "will make it easier for customers to move both lengthwise and across the width of the concourse."

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Half have already been closed and all eight will be removed by spring. The walkways were installed more than 20 years ago for tired, baggage-laden passengers.

Some travelers say removing the walkways will make it difficult to navigate the airport. Others say they avoid the walkways because of backups anyways.

What do you think? Comment below. Personally, I will miss the moving walkways. I always loved the sound of the rollers on my wheel bag humming along the surface.