It may be really cold right now, but we can always pretend it's warmer... and two ways to do that: tacos and wine slushies 

Growing up I didn't like tacos. No offense mom and dad but I didn't like tacos because I don't like ground beef and cheese on a flour shell.

As an adult I actually realized tacos are pretty darn good. I prefer pork, steak or chicken... not ground beef.

So here's the deal. Now that I like tacos, I'm totally into this taco and wine slushie to-go kit.

This is a pre-order combo from the minds (and stomachs) of Cantina Taco and DC Estate Winery.


It's happening next Friday, January 28 but you'll want to order ASAP.

You can choose between chicken, pork and steak and add a slushy for $8 each. 

According to their Facebook event page, here's what's happening:

Who's missing Cantina Taco and DC wine slushees on the patio?!?! We know it's not the same but we have a solution! We provide everything for you to make your tacos and drink your wine slushees at home! Instructions provided.
Included in Taco Kit:
10 taco dinner kits from Cantina Taco
Comes with:
Tortillas-choice of flour or corn
Meat- choice of chicken, pork, or steak
Salsa- choice of hot, mild, or both
Also includes: cheese, onion, lettuce, cilantro, and limes!
Wine Slushies To-Go Flavors: Margarita and Strawberry Jalapeno
I'm going with pork and margarita slushy, what would you pick?

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