There are many stereotypes associated with Illinois and the people who live here, but here are 10 stereotypes that nearly every Illinois resident will agree are 100 percent true.

Common Illinois Stereotypes

When it comes to Illinois stereotypes, some are ridiculously false, like everyone who lives in Illinois behaves like people who live in Chicago, BUT, some of them are spot-on true like, many Illinois residents refuse to put ketchup on a hotdog.


Illinois residents know that sweatshirts are a necessity on summer nights and that distances traveled are more likely to be described in minutes than miles, but when it comes to the REALLY important things, what are we willing to go to our graves defending?

Here are 10 things I think definitely make the list...


1. The "s" in Illinois is silent. It is pronounced "Ill-i-noy"... all the exceptions.

2. Deep-dish pizza is a way of life and there is no such thing as too much crust. Ever.

3. Illinois weather is downright crazy, but experiencing all 4 seasons in one 24-hour day is one of the "perks" of living here. It makes us tough and prepared for anything life throws at us.

4. You either love the Chicago Cubs or the White cannot love both equally,  you have to choose a side.

5. Traffic and interstate travel in Illinois is its own special kind of Hell, especially when you drive into downtown Chicago.

6. The "Bean", aka, Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago is stupid, but everyone who visits Illinois MUST visit and MUST take a selfie of their reflection in it.

7. Every season is construction season in Illinois. It seems like there's always a road being repaired, a building being constructed, or a pothole being filled. We've come to accept it's a part of our landscape, but we are still required to complain about it constantly.

8. The best food in the world comes from small, locally owned diners, and Illinois is FULL of great options to choose from.  Whether it's a classic Chicago-style hot dog, a beef sandwich dripping with au jus, or a plate of gooey cheese fries, there is nothing better than Illinois' own version of comfort food.

9. Illinois politics are one big messed-up circus. Illinois residents are incapable of electing a politician that isn't crazy or shady.

10. You will always be broke living in Illinois for so many different reasons.

Do you have some beliefs that you think need to be added to this list for Illinois? Send us an app message and let us know what they are!

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