Today we decided to get right down to the nitty gritty and talk about the the thing a true gentlemen and lady are never supposed to talk about. Good thing neither of us have ever claimed to be a true gentlemen or lady.With the Totally Retro Prom tonight at Giovanni's, and all the high school graduations going on right now, it's hard not to reminisce about school memories. Senior prom is usually a night you never forget, whether good or bad, but there is really only one thing people want to know about prom night.


Just to clarify for my Mother who will probably call me as soon as she sees this, I really DID NOT get lucky on prom night. I was a good girl in high school.

Hope to see you at the Totally Retro Prom tonight where we can guarantee two things for you:

  1. You will have a rad time.
  2. Steve and I will not be so well behaved.