My mother sent me something on Facebook yesterday that she thought was fabulous, so I decided to use it to freak Steve Summers out.



Gotcha! Before I tell you the rest of the names on this list circling social media, let me set some things straight.

  • No, I am not pregnant.
  • No, (Mom!) that is not intentionally in my plans for 2015.
  • No, there is no proven facts or research to back up this list. Supposedly it originated from a country radio station in Tallahassee, and I have no idea why they decided to make "Shannon" number one on the list. Maybe they subconsciously decided to make 2015 the year that my Mom annoys and nags the heck out of me?

None the less, if you are a female wanting to get pregnant this year, hopefully your name is on this list:

15. Taylor

14. Kim

13. Brittany, Britney

12. Lindsay

11. Nicole

10. Katie, Katy

9. Kendall

8. Amber

7. Amanda

6. Ashley

5. Jennifer, Jenny, Jen

4. Kristina, Christina

3. Heidi

2. Lauren

And....Number One - Shannon

Good luck, my friends!