Fame may seem glamorous, but Trisha Yearwood understands what life is really like for a celebrity. The singer, author and TV cooking show star acknowledges that while she may appear to live a life of leisure, in reality, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

"The work is to make sure on a daily basis that everybody that you can possibly imagine that you can reach knows what you’re up to and what you’re doing," Yearwood explained during a recent Q&A at the Country Music Hall of Fame. "I get up in the morning. I usually do a radio interview early in the morning. I usually do a book signing, because I’m also a cookbook author, so I’m at some store, at a Wal-mart or a Williams Sonoma, for three hours, standing up, signing autographs and taking pictures for three hours. And then I go to soundcheck, which is the fun part because I get to sing.

"Before the show, there’s about two or two and a half hours of meet and greets with radio stations, promoters, people who I need to see and thank and talk to to make sure they remember me," she continues. "And then I get, out of all that day of talking and smiling and shaking hands and getting photos, I get to sing for two hours.

"So it’s work that I enjoy," Yearwood concludes, "but you never stop working to make sure that you can continue to work."

The Georgia native has some advice to those who hope to someday follow in her footsteps and make music a career.

"If you’re doing this because you feel like you have a burning desire to do it, then you’ll find a way to do it, no matter what," Yearwood says. "If you’re doing this because you’re thinking, ‘Hey, this will be really cool. I’ll be famous. I’ll be on YouTube,’ then you’ll probably quit, because it’s not easy to do for the long haul."

Yearwood is currently on the road with her husband, Garth Brooks, on his World Tour. A list of upcoming dates is available on her website.

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