Beginning January 1st 2020, domestic travelers caught with marijuana in Chicago airports won't be busted, according to Chicago Police.

TSA follows local police procedures when they discover marijuana and Chicago police will not be pursuing those who have it on them, even though it is still illegal on the federal level. As long as you are within the legal amount to possess in Illinois, you'll be fine, according to NBC Chicago.

Just because they won't bust you, doesn't mean police advise traveling with it. Depending on where you're traveling to, it could be a felony to transport illegal drugs across state lines. It is also still against the law to consume drugs at the airport.

If you plan to partake in marijuana once it becomes legal and are planning to travel, I'd recommend not traveling with it. If you're going somewhere else where it is legal, just purchase it there, as it saves you the headache and hassle. Obviously, if you're going to someplace it isn't legal, you're just asking for trouble. Ignorance is bliss but stupidity is a choice.

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