Rockford has drawn a lot of different labels over the years, some good and some bad, but one thing we've never been known for in our area is being snobby (not that we care what the little people think).

We live in a blue-collar area that has a blue-collar attitude, and it works for us. When is the last time you were condescended to in Byron, Rochelle, or Loves Park? That's what I thought.

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The Level Of Snobbery In Rockford Is Low, But As You Go East, It Changes

First off, let's establish that there are all types of snobbery. You've got your insufferable music snobs, wine snobs, car snobs, technology snobs ("Oh, I can't use anything other than an Apple computer--I'm creative"), clothing snobs, pop-culture snobs, and more.

Then, there are city snobs. Let's use New York City as an example. Why? Because NYC ranks as the snobbiest city in America. To show the disconnect between the east coast and the heartland, Chicago ranks as the 65th snobbiest city in the country.

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Let's Break Down What Makes A City Snobby, the website that compiled the rankings of Illinois' snobbiest cities, says they used this criteria to make their determinations:

  • Number of private schools in an area
  • The income levels of residents
  • Home prices in an area
  • The number of people in a city who went to college
  • The number of art galleries in a city
  • Number of Whole Foods nearby
  • The number of theaters, playhouses, opera houses and performance arts centers in an area
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These Are Illinois' Top Five Snobbiest Cities, According To

  1. Village of Glencoe
  2. Village of Winnetka
  3. Village of Oak Brook
  4. Village of Wilmette
  5. Village of Long Grove

If you're curious as to the other end of the spectrum, these are the 5 least snobby places in Illinois:

  1. East St. Louis
  2. Centreville
  3. Robbins
  4. West Frankfort
  5. Beardstown

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