With the weather turning nice this Memorial Day Weekend, we turn our attention to relaxing with food and beverages outdoors. Here are my Top 5 Outdoor Patios in the Stateline. See if you agree.

There is nothing like sitting with family, co-workers or friends at your favorite restaurant deck enjoying a beverage and food. Add sunglasses, and everything tastes better. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor deck/restaurants in the Stateline. See if you agree

1) Olympic on North Main (The trees and lights at night are so relaxing)

2) Old Chicago (It's the colorful umbrella) and so close to my house.

3) Prairie Brew House. (A stunning view of the Rock River. Say no more).

4) The Lombardi Club (Hut bar & a stunning view of the Rock River. Again, say no more).

5) Franchesco's Restorante (No matter what the weather, the roof & TV's are awesome).

Chris Jackson, Getty Images

Look for me at any of these wonderful locations this summer.

Share any of your favorite outdoor patio/deck restaurants below that need to be shared with the Stateline.