Since Q98.5 is sending two lucky people to the Minnesota State Fair on Saurday, August 29 to see Carrie Underwood, I thought I would do some research on what this fair is all about. Turns out music, rides, games, animals, and butter sculptures aren't the only things this fair has to offer. They also pride themselves on serving up the strangest combinations of food a fair-goer will ever see. Do any of these new recipes sound appealing to you?

The Minnesota State Fair, a.k.a "The Great Minnesota Get-Together", is the 2nd largest state fair in the United States, and it has a long tradition of serving new wacky dishes every year.

How wacky you ask? Do mac & cheese cupcakes sound wacky enough for you? No? How about chocolate jalapeno ice cream? Wackier still you say?

As you probably know, Carrie Underwood is a devout Vegan, so here's the top 5 new foods I don't think she will be eating at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair:

  1. Burger Dog - A ground blend of hamburger, hot dog, bacon, cheese and a splash of jalapeño on a hot dog bun.
  2. Deep Fried Ribs - Smoked baby back ribs, breaded, fried and served with BBQ sauce.
  3. Maple Bacon Funnel Cake - A funnel cake infused with bacon pieces, then topped with sweet maple glaze and sprinkled with more bacon.
  4. Sausage Sister's Sriracha Sliders - “Great Balls of Fire” meatballs with Monterrey Jack cheese at the center, served on a crusty slider bun with Sister’s Sweet ‘n’ Hot Sriracha Sauce.
  5. BBQ Pickle Ice Cream - Vanilla ice cream infused with a light BBQ sauce and diced pickles.


To see the complete list of new 2015 Minnesota State Fair foods, go here, and then click below for your chance to win the trip to see Carrie Underwood on August 29!