If you pursue higher education in Illinois, get ready to pay for it, for a long time. Debt and a college education go hand in hand. Some schools will land you deeper in debt than others.

Reboot Illinois conducted a study to determine where students who attend Illinois colleges and Universities take out the most loans and it's findings might scare you and you wallet.

Here is the Top 5 (Based on average overall loan amount for attending for four years)

1) School of the Art Institute of Chicago - $39,600

2) Loyola University Chicago - $36,600

3) Rockford University -$34,900

4) Roosevelt University - $33,300

5) Moody Bible Institute - $33,200

Is it worth it, yes. The Bureau of Labor statistics says that individuals who earn a bachelor’s degree made more money and were less likely to be unemployed than those who only have an associate’s degree or high school diploma.

Colleges with the highest Student debt in Illinois
Bureau Of Labor Graphic

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