Memorial Day has passed, and now we all have summer fun on the brain. If you haven't planned your vacation yet, check out this summer's top 10 most popular vacation spots now, and plan your fun accordingly.

Based on the number of searches on their website for airfare to these locations, travel site recently found that these are the top 10 travel destinations for summer 2015:

    10. Denver 

      9. Honolulu

      8. Chicago

      7. San Francisco

      6. Miami

      5. Los Angeles

      4. Fort Lauderdale

      3. Orlando

      2. New York City

      1. Las Vegas


Personally, I would like to add Wisconsin to the list, since that is where I spend a lot of my off time, but maybe that qualifies as more of a "stay-cation" since I can easily drive there?

No matter where you decide to have your fun this summer, if it requires an airplane ride to get there, here's the cheapest days of the week to fly domestically according to hopper.



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