Apparently, The Tooth Fairy is now including a 'cost of living' raise when it comes to rewarding youngsters for teeth under their pillows. Kids are receiving an average of $4.36 for every tooth they shove under the pillow. How much of an increase is this from years past?

That's a considerable increase from the $3.50 left in 2013 according to “The Original Tooth Fairy Poll” recently conducted by Delta Dental. Overall, it works out to something like $255 million for all the teeth collected in 2014. Donald Trump money if you will.

In all, the Delta Dental poll shows that the Tooth Fairy showed up at just over eight in ten of the homes where a tooth dropped out, with first-timers generally getting the biggest cash amount at an average of $5.74.

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Meanwhile, the best cash rewards are made in the South. A whopping $5.16 on average,  while the situation in the Midwest is much cheaper with just $2.83 left per tooth.

Here's the reality part of the equation. About 17 percent of children will complain because they expected more money. Plus, 11 percent want a gift in addition to or instead of the cash.

Times have changed since I was a kid. That shinny dime made my day.

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Want to do something with the kids that will cost you about the price of a tooth? Bring the little ones to KIDABALOO this Saturday at the Hononegah High School Dome between 10am and 4pm. Details here.

Your kids can have a ball and compare Tooth Fairy stories if they like.